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The most comprehensive guide to making your first $10,000.

This guide features 10 specific steps across 15 pages of actionable strategies — all designed to offer you a comprehensive and unparalleled look into how to go from idea to launching your business to 10K months — all for free.

Whether you're a dabbler looking for business inspiration, or you're a new coach, content creator, or consultant in need of new strategies and a good refresher —you're in the right place.

What's covered

1. Select Your Business Model

Let’s start at the very beginning. In this step, we’ll go over the pros and cons between 1:1 Coaching or Consulting vs. Group Coaching vs. Courses so you can select the best business model to move forward with.


2. Market Positioning

In this step we cover why positioning matters including the 3 criteria to review when finding your niche and the questions to answer to define your ideal client avatar.

3. Beta Testing Period

The next step as a new entrepreneur is to beta test your offer. This chapter reviews the critical questions you must ask in order to have a successful beta testing round.

4. Content That Builds Demand

This step reviews the differences between paid content vs. free content so you don't give away all your goods for free, and leave enough gap for your followers to want your paid product.

5. Dominate on Social Media

We identify the differences between relationship building platforms vs. searchable platforms and how to balance the two in your social media strategy.

6. Finalize Your Program

Finalizing your program includes making sure you everything passes our 4 step checklist. This step shares the 4 steps you must complete to indicate whether your program is ready for a mass launch.

7. Launch Your Program

We go over the different launch tactics in this step, including: Webinars, Challenges, Sales Pages, and Affiliate Partnerships.

8. Close Your Prospects

This step covers our sales call checklist to ensure your first few sales calls are running smoothly so you can optimize sales while offering a frictionless experience for your prospects.

9. Program Fulfillment

Once you've secured a client, it's time to review the key items to have in your program fulfilment to secure better results for your clients. This step covers the 4 key pillars you need in a successful program.

10. Upsell, Resell, Downsell

As you prepare to off-board your clients, this step covers different ways you can maximize sales and increase customer lifetime value.

Who's Vanessa?

Creator of The BOSSGRAM Academy®, I’m an online marketing strategist, entrepreneur, and content marketing expert who built a 7-figure business in less than 2 years of quitting my corporate gig.

Today our mission is to help new content creators, coaches, and corporate escapees get visible using social media, and get paid using our proprietary Followers to Clients System®.

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